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Kampala March 8 | Masaka March 9 | Kabale March 12

Uganda 2019




About iknow

IT ALL STARTED IN 2009... The Global Livingston Institute started taking American scholars and community leaders to Uganda. Not to fix anything, but to have conversations, to understand communities, to cross borders of every sort, to give everyone a seat at the table in order to build partnerships. In 2014, with Reach a Hand Uganda, the US Embassy, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Ugandan and American musicians, doctors, students, and community leaders came together to ACT. Together, we began hosting the largest free music festival in East Africa focused on HIV awareness, culture sharing and economic development. In our sixth year we're going to five cities in two countries and will continue to add to the 300 performers, 25,500 HIV tests that have been administered and 175,000 concertgoers who have attended.

iknow public health initiatives

7.6% of Ugandans are living with HIV And only 55% have been ever tested. Since the first concert in 2014, we have tested over 15,000 Ugandans for HIV and distributed over 250,000 condoms. We have also provided a vast array of other health services related to men's and women's reproductive health. These services include (but are not been limited to) IUD insertions, Cervical Cancer screenings and tubal ligations.

Year-Round emphasis

The outreach can't end with a test. We strive not only to empower Ugandans with the knowledge of their status, but the iKnow Concert Series strives to connect the members of the community with ongoing services, 365 days a year. In addition to hosting monthly, comprehensive health care clinics at Entusi Resort and Retreat Center on Lake Bunyonyi, We have been able to acheive this by building strong partnerships with organizations on the ground in Uganda. Reproductive Health Uganda, AIDS Information Center, Marie Stopes International, Kigezi Healthcare Foundation and Kabale Regional Hospital are all part of our vast network of partners who help us to provide Ugandans with access to health services year round.

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Without the generous support and resources of the following partners, the iKnow Concert Series would cease to exist