Become a cultural ambassador

We believe that music brings people together. And we also believe that in order to impact
change in communities abroad, you need to spend time listening and thinking before you
act. The Cultural Ambassador Program is all about crossing borders of all kinds
to build relationships and global partnerships.


Culture Sharing

What has kept this initiative so authentic over the years is that it is centered around music
and the arts. Over 500 artists representing Uganda, Rwanda, and the United States have
performed at the concerts. Additionally, more than 20 transnational songs have been
recorded and performed live.

Public Health

Working with local health providers and in-country partners, we’ve learned that if you’re
going to bring thousands of people together for a free concert, why not also provide free
health services? In addition to HIV testing, our concert venues have also offered free
comprehensive health screenings, cervical cancer screenings, condom distribution, family
planning counseling, mental health trainings, and more.

Economic Development

The live music industry plays a major role in economies all across the world. Our concerts,
set in urban and rural locations, directly invest thousands of dollars into local economies.
In 2017 alone, we estimate that our concerts had an economic impact to the tune of over
$650,000 in Uganda.


As a cultural ambassador, not only will you attend some of the largest music events in East
Africa, you'll play a key role in the culture sharing component of this initiative. Each day,
you'll have a robust schedule, meeting the people who live and work in the communities
where you travel. You’ll be constantly engaging in rich dialogue with leaders from local
businesses, NGOs, and government, as well as various artists, educators, small business
owners, and community members in Uganda and Rwanda about what it means to impact
positive change.
At the concerts, you will spend time meeting local attendees, helping with crowd surveys,
and assisting wherever necessary. All of our cultural ambassadors bring different insights
and expertise to the table, let us know if you have specific ideas on ways you can increase
your involvement along your journey!



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